(Photo credit: Stanford Andrew Brodhead) (Photo credit: Stanford Andrew Brodhead)

Stanford researchers reengineer COVID-19 face masks

Stanford engineers have developed a new type of protective face mask that can counteract the side effects of oxygen deficiency.

John Xu is a research scientist in the lab of mechanical engineer Friedrich “Fritz” Prinz, where the two are known for their work on creating fuel cells for next-generation cars. When the novel coronavirus struck, they looked for ways their deep understanding of electrochemical processes might be useful against the pandemic. Their contribution is a new type of protective face mask that extracts and concentrates oxygen from the air to avoid the considerable side effects of oxygen deficiency while preventing the spread of the virus.

Our goal was to develop a portable device that uses these electrochemical processes to enrich oxygen from the ambient air.

Visible Legacy Comment

If everyone has to wear a mask every day this will be a very big market. Equipment makers will have motivation to engineer and improve the humble face mask. Tech Scouts in this industry might take a look at this project for inspiration and aspiration.